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Heavy Highway Construction

Clearing and grubbing; excavation; drainage systems; grading; retaining walls, structural concrete and highway paving

Road Rehabilitation & Reconstruction

Clearing vegetation, storm drains; installation of rolling dips; armored stream crossings; culverts; road rock production and placement; final grade

Trail Construction & Restorations

State and Federal lands, ADA compliant restrooms and parking areas

Drainage and Stream Restorations

Replenish or remove sedimentation in rivers and streams


Water diversions for rivers and streams

Aggregate Base Production

Road rock production

Slide and Storm Damage Road Repairs

Slide material removal and traffic control; culvert repairs; embankment repairs; install, finish grade and compact aggregate base rock

Underground and Site Work

Land clearing, water distribution systems; sewer systems; HPDE and drop inlet piping; concrete structures

Commercial Buildings

Demolition; design and build; misc. concrete; parking lot; paved driveway; electric, septic and water systems