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About K’apel Construction

Thank you for choosing to learn more about K’apel Construction. We are an established construction business located in Northern California in the town of Burnt Ranch. We have been in business for over 10 years and are Native American owned and operated.



K’apel Construction recruits the greatest level of talent and experience available for the construction of each individual project. We choose our project management team based on their individual qualifications and the needs of the client and project. No management team from one project is used on another without being a best fit for the project. This recruitment process is extremely time consuming, but is well worth it. Based on our past years of experience, the project outcome and satisfaction of our clients are directly proportional to the expertise held by the team assembled. Our recruitment process is a three step procedure which begins with an investigation of needs, a review of  experienced personnel, and confirmation of commitment to the project.

We approach each project with the same ideology:

“The success of any project is determined by the combined efforts of a team.”

With this concept, K’apel Construction has always assembled a management team who are uniquely qualified to head each project.  Usually our project management team members have known each other and have collaborated on projects together before over the past 10 years. K’apel Construction’s team’s management philosophy is always to base all decisions on providing a safe work place for the employees, while constructing a quality product for the owner.